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Your Subconscious Mind is a factory of sorts where you put the raw material of your thoughts to get the final products of your desire. It could be anything ranging from any material object tangible in nature to anything intangible and emotion. You get what you dream of. Yes, this may seem an exaggerated sense of optimism but it is as true as the Laws of Gravity Newton discovered. Be it the laws of attraction or the technique of self-hypnosis, everything has a principle behind it.

Your subconscious mind is a fertile land

Whatever that is to be seen in the physical plane had it’s seed in the mental plane where, the conscious clarity, will power and desire waters the seed of that dream and make it grow. So, everything that is sown and watered shall grow into a reality. The fuel to this process is emotion. Thoughts backed by strong emotion have a faster effect on the outside world.

Your subconscious mind cannot differentiate on its own

People often complain of the failure in their life in spite of harboring positive thinking and putting forth positive efforts. But they are oblivious to the fact that their subconscious mind cannot judge on its own. So the seeds should be checked before they are sown. The conscious decision with the full heart in agreement to can cause all aspirations to reach the realm of so called reality.

Your subconscious mind Needs Reminders

Your mind is like a child. It needs to be reminded of everything you want it to achieve. It takes your commands in the form of feelings, words, songs, rhymes, sights or anything that puts you in the framework of your feelings and desires. The moment your focus shifts from your set goal or desire it loosens the grip on the Subconscious and sends it down memory lane like an old file lost in a pile. The key to get desirous results is to keep it fresh and vivid in the memory. Repeat your wishes daily and keep physical reminders, such as pictures, close at hand.

Power in Healing

The subconscious can even cause your body to heal faster. During a boating accident in the mountains on Lake Wallenpaupack, I broke my wrist and had to find a doctor. I found www.nationalorthopedicdirectory.com online and made an appointment with a physician in Lackawanna County who tended to my affliction. He told me that it would take six months to heal, but I knew it could be faster than that. So everyday I focused my mind on how happy I would be when my arm was back to normal. I envisioned myself going back to work and playing with my children. The key thing was that I emotionalized these thoughts and felt good about my healing process. To the doctor’s amazement, I was good as new in almost half the time it should have taken. I then knew the true power of the mind.

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Your Mind Never Sleeps

There is something inside you which is always wakeful and knowing everything inside and around you. You can ask your subconscious mind to wake you up at a certain time and it shall do the same. The key times of focus are late in the evening before you go to bed, and first thing in the morning. At night, your mind will reflect on your desires while you sleep, and in the morning you can start your day with your goals in life.

Your subconscious mind is limitless

This line of thinking is not new. It has been around for thousands of years. There are books about it dating back to the great Depression. One of the most notable authors of that time was Napoleon Hill. Think about it, as a child did you ever doubt your potential or the ability to make a difference? Probably not, right? There are no limitations for the subconscious mind. It believes in the law of abundance and hence has the powerful tools called imagination and creativity. Sometimes, it all starts by believing in yourself.